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The Blog has moved… February 11, 2011

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I’ve moved the blog to a new site. I wanted to switch from being hosted by wordpress to my own domain name. Moving the blog to my own site gives me more freedom in design. I kept running into the figurative wall on the other site as I would try to implement something new.

I’m sure there are still a few bugs I need to work out that I haven’t addressed but I think for the most part it should work well.


Frequency of Blog Posting February 5, 2011

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I’ve decided to scale back my posting on here, if you haven’t noticed :).  At the end of last year I wasn’t planning on taking a seminary class this semester but decided to pursue this as we entered the New Year.  As a result of this a good chunk of my spare time is getting used, reading and studying for this class. We are also preparing for our move to Virginia and I’ve increase my speaking at our large group meetings this semester.  All of these have filled up my schedule and I’ve been spending the past few weeks looking over what I do and creating a good healthy schedule for me this semester.

The conclusion of this process has been that I’ll be shifting to posting once a week with the possibility of more as the week allows.  I enjoying blogging these past few months and hope to increase my posts as we settle into Virginia this summer.

A new type of blog…for me December 24, 2010

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I’ve decided to make a few changes to how I blog.  Over the past few years that I’ve been blogging there have been seasons where I have posted often and other times when I go months without posting anything.  There hasn’t been much “direction” as far as what I post about.  So, I’ve decided to change that all.  I sat down with Tracy, my wife, to see what was possible in my week and this is what we came up with.

I’ll be blogging three times a week (Mon., Wed., and Fri.).

Monday – Reflections on Life (being a father, husband, man, minister of the Word)

Wednesday – Thoughts on Theology

Friday – Ministry (my vocation). What I’m learning