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Little About Me

Born and raised in Virginia.  Moved to North Carolina when I was 25 with my wife and son. Currently serving the Lord as a staff worker at Appalachian State University with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I am married to my beautiful wife Tracy and the Lord has graced us with a son, Joshua and a daughter, Moriah.

Why ‘The Bruised Reed’

The title comes from a book  which gets its name from a passage in Isaiah, among the “Servant Songs” which foretell the coming of the promised Messiah and speak of His role as the suffering servant. “A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench; he shall bring forth judgment into truth”. It speaks of Jesus’ ministry being one of gentleness and mercy to sinners. “…by misery he is brought to see sin as the cause it, so that together these, a bruised reed and a smoking flax, make up together the state of a poor, distressed man. This is such an one as our Saviour Christ terms ‘poor in spirit’ (Matthew 5:3), who sees his wants, and also sees himself indebted to divine justice, [with] no means of supply from himself” (pg. 3-4). But this bruising is itself a gift of grace, as it is “required before conversion that so the Spirit may make way for himself into the heart by leveling all proud, high thoughts, and that we may understand ourselves to be what we indeed are by nature”

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