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Thoughts on Community January 21, 2011

Posted by Jeremy in Community, Ministry Moments, Scripture.

This semester in InterVarsity at App State we are looking at the idea of community.  As a vision team, made up of the lead servants of our leadership teams, we saw that this was an area we were needed to grow in as a chapter.

Each week we meet at a chapter for an evening of worship, fellowship, and time in Scripture together.  I’ve been speaking at the past two meetings on community.  The first week I spoke on Romans 12:9-21 and the importance of Christian Community.  Last night I spoke on Eph. 2:13-22, that Christ is our peace.  I thought I would highlight some of my thoughts from my prep time and share them here.

1) “Be devoted to one another” in Greek is philostorgos (philos – affection & storge – family love), pointing to the family nature of the Christian community.  Families should be

  • non-selective (Rom. 12:10)
  • non-private (Rom. 12:9)
  • not safe. (Rom. 12:11-12)

2) Can’t remember where I heard this quote.  “Peace is not a commodity given to us by Christ it is a reality experienced in fellowship with Christ”.  We spent a good amount of the evening talking about the first half of Eph. 2:14.

3) Christ died to break down the walls of hostility between God and us and also between us and others in order to create one new man.  Abraham Lincoln in his commentary on Eph., “they have not just been brought into a mutual relationship, but have been made one in a unity where both are no longer what they previously were.”  The resulting new humanity transcends the two old entities (Eph. 2:14)

My time in these two passages has been very sweet and deeply benefited me.  It has helped me understand better about the Christian community and what the Bible says in regard to what it should look like.



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