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Facebook, and Twitter, and Blogging, Oh My! December 31, 2010

Posted by Jeremy in Ministry Moments, Social Media.

Social Media. As of July, 2010 Facebook crossed 500 million users. There are 175 million using Twitter as of Sept 14, 2010.  These mediums are becoming more and more essential to have for companies, friends, families, and even people in ministry.

When I came on staff with IV in 2007 I was using facebook.  Facebook came out, or rather came to my college when I was a sophmore I believe…so that would be 2002.  (This was when you had to be a college student to get on it).  It looked much different than it does now and was used differently.  Before facebook, AOL Instant Messenger was the predominant form of internet social communication.  I’ve always been technology oriented…it’s why I majored in Computer Science while at college.

Fast forward four years and I now use Twitter, foursquare, I blog, google buzz, have an about.me page, in addition to facebook.

When my wife, Tracy, and I got married, she was completely opposite to me in regard to technology.  She had one email account, yahoo, and wasn’t part of any social media outlet.  That’s all changed and my wife would say for the better.  She now uses, facebook, Twitter, blogs, and has a google account (and uses many aspects of what they offer).

Part of the reason I have delved into the world of social media is because through using it I am the ability to reach more people that I would otherwise never interact with in person.  The other reason is because more and more people are utilizing these mediums.  The coming generations are more technology savvy and since I want to reach this generation and move toward them on their “field”, I fully utilize social media as a ministry tool.

With the many possible issues that social media creates, I see it as a means to reach more people in my community for the gospel and connect with more people I never would otherwise.

I have enjoyed connecting with people I went to high school and college with through facebook and twitter.  It’s been good to be able to keep up with people Tracy and I have come to know over the years but now live far away from and are just not able to talk with everyone on the phone each week.  Then when we do talk with them or visit them we feel much more connected to them as a result.  Ultimately I use social media as a supplement to my real-world interaction and ministry.  I view it as invaluable for what I do in ministry.

Here is a link to an article by Tim Challies on How (And How Not) To Use Facebook for Ministry

What have been the benefits of social media for you personally or for your ministry?




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