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Top 5 Christmas Movies December 27, 2010

Posted by Jeremy in Christmas.

So, I thought I would share my top 5 Christmas movies.  In no particular order

It’s A Wonderful Life – I’ve been watching this movie for a long time.  It’s my dad’s favorite Christmas movie.  He watched it every Christmas Eve that I can remember.  It’s a phenomenal story.  There are few black-and-white movies I really enjoy and this is top of the list.  James Stewart is brilliant in this movie.  If they ever tried to film a remake of this movie I don’t think I could see it…I can’t imagine anyone else as George Bailey. The movie walks you through one man’s life, George Bailey, from childhood to when he is married with a family.  The last quarter of the movies is set on Christmas Eve. George is about to commit suicide until he is met by Clarence his guardian angel.  George is shown all that his life has meant in the world, how God has used him in his small town and in the lives of it’s residence.  This movie is number 1 on the American Film Institute of Most Inspiring Movie of the last 100 years.

Charlie Brown Christmas – Such a great Christmas movie.  It’s short, in cartoon form, and brings back childhood memories.  It’s Charlie Brown’s quest to find out why he is so depressed at Christmas in spite of all the presents, cards, and decorations.  The movie ultimately address the question of what the meaning of Christmas is all about.  The classic line of the movie comes when Charlie Brown asks “isn’t there anyone knows what Christmas is all about.”  Linus answers him from Luke 2:8-14 (youtube clip below)

A Christmas Carol and Muppet’s Christmas Carol – I know it’s two but they are remakes of sort so they kind of count as one.  I’m looking forward to watching the Muppet’s Christmas Carol with Joshua next year. I’m partial to the 1984 version, which I feel is the best adaptation of Charles Dicken’s 1843 book. I’ve always enjoyed this movie.  Scrooge is visited by three spirits, past, present, and yet to come over the course of a night.  This is done in order to awaken him from his lifestyle, the failings in his own life, and to care for other people – namely one of his employees, Bob Cratchit.  Even though the muppet’s version comedic remake and includes songs (which I think is great for kids) it still follows the traditional Christmas Carol story.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas – I love Dr. Seuss.  I’ve always enjoyed reading his books and as a result own many of them so we can read them to our kids.  The Grinch decides to steal all the presents and decorations in order to stop “Christmas from happening”.  To his surprise even though he stole everything Christmas still happened.  He realizes the Christmas is more then just presents and decorations.

Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe – Many of you would not consider this a Christmas movie.  If you remember the movie was released in Dec. of 2005. A few other notes: When Lucy first goes through the wardrobe she meets Tumnus who tells her  that Narnia is always winter and never Christmas because of the White Witch.  Also there is the appearance of Father Christmas who gives the three kids gifts that will help them in the journey.  I loved the Chronicles of Narnia series growing up and look forward to reading them to our kids and having them this movie.  I think this story captures ideas of humankind’s redemption and the power of Satan brilliantly.  What a fitting story to read or movie to watch during Christmas time.

All these movies are on my list because of what they mean to me and the memories I’m reminded of as I watch them again.

What are your memories of Christmas movies growing up?  What’s your Christmas movie list?



1. Tracy - December 27, 2010

I would add Elf (LOVE Will Farrell in this) and A Christmas Story (You’ll shoot your eye out!) For the same reasons- memories connected with them. But, I do agree- It’s a Wonderful Life is #1!!!!

2. Jeremy - December 27, 2010

yeah, those are good movies. I almost had A Christmas Story on the list. It’s a great comedic Christmas movie.

3. seanwhitenack - December 28, 2010

“VeggieTales: St. Nicholas: A Story of…” would have made it to my list this year… it was great to watch with the kids.

4. Jeremy - December 28, 2010

That’s a great point Sean. I totally forgot about that movie when I was making this list. We just watched it for the first time about a week ago. I was a GREAT movie to watch with Joshua. He loved it!

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