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Conversion & Sanctification December 7, 2010

Posted by Jeremy in discipleship, Holiness, Scripture, Thoughts and Theology.

“Come, come, conversion to God is not so easy and so smooth a thing as some would have men believe it is. Why is the conversion of the soul compared to the grafting of a tree, if that be done without cutting?…the scion, must be let in by a wound; for to stick on the outside, or to be tied on with a string, will do no good here. Heart must be set to heart, and back to back, or your pretended ingrafting will come to nothing…or the sap will not be conveyed from the root to the branch; and I say, this must be done by a wound. …

Alas! men are too lofty, too proud, too wild, too devilishly resolved in the ways of their own destruction; in their occasions, they are like the wild asses upon the wild mountains; nothing can break them of their purposes, or hinder them from ruining of their own precious and immortal souls, but the breaking of their hearts.”

John Bunyan, Excellency of a Broken Heart

Now apply what John Bunyan says to sanctification, the process of being made like Christ, and look at John 15, especially the first 8 verses.  Christ is the vine and apart from Him we can do nothing of eternal value (vs. 5).  We need to cling to the vine, depend on Him in our lives more today then we did yesterday.  Husbands, how are you doing this in your families!

What are we clinging to in our lives in place of the vine?  Are you bearing fruit in your lives?  We desire to glorify God in our lives, correct?  The more we abide in him, continue in a daily, personal relationship with Jesus (trust, prayer, obedience, joy, hope) the more we will bear fruit in our lives.  We need to guard our relationships with Jesus so that we continue to abide fully in Him.  Bearing fruit was one of God’s primary purposes in creation (Gen. 1:11-12, 22, 28) and in redemption (john 15:8, 16).  Then look at Isa. 27:6 and Hos. 14:4-8, the Old Testament prophets envisioned a time when God’s people would “blossom and put forth shoots and fill the whole world with fruit”

Meditate on these passages today reflect on your relationship with Jesus.



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