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Long time…No Post July 1, 2010

Posted by Jeremy in Summer.

I was at one of my recent graduates house the other day and he asked me about my blog and I sheepishly told him that I hadn’t posted anything on it in a while.  I realized that I missed posting and such.  It dawned on me that this, in some sense, is my journal.  I started to think about it and realized it has been almost a full year since I last posted.  Wow, that’s sad.  I enjoy blogging but end up getting wrapped up in other things and it slowly fades from my mind.  Hopefully this will be a better year and I will be able to stay on top of posting with some regularity.  Sorry it’s been so long for those of you that are still following and check in from time to time.

I thought I would post a picture of our family with the new addition, Moriah, so everyone can see us as a family of four.  The picture was taken in May at our InterVarsity summer camp for students across North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina.

So much has been been going on this past year that it would take me too long to “fill you in” on this blog so rather than try to catch you up I am just going to start from today and share my thoughts and experiences.  Needless to say it was been a great past year of much growing in my walk with the Lord, in my relationship as a husband to Tracy, and as a father to Joshua and Moriah.  The Lord continues to teach me about humility, patience, and dependence on Him.



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