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The Summer so far…. July 28, 2009

Posted by Jeremy in Summer.

Our New HomeWell it’s been a crazy summer.  Not that it has been bad or we have not enjoyed it, it has just been different than we expected it to be (like much in our life and walks with the Lord).  This summer we moved into our new house, that we LOVE, and are getting pretty settled.  It’s closer to Lees-McRae by about 10 minutes and in walking distance to ASU.  The Lord really provided this place for us, in many many ways.  We are just beginning to decorate the inside (and by we I mean Tracy, haha).

Joshua dressed upI have also finally gotten back into biking.  My doctors have been telling me for a while that I need to be exercising because of my arthritis.  Back when I lived in Fredericksburg Virginia myself and a good friend of mine, Matt, used to ride ALL the time.  It’s been great to get back into riding, I really love it.  Though it’s going to take me a while to get used to riding up HUGE roads…I’m used to just riding on fairly flat land.  Joshua has also liked that I am getting back into riding…he like putting on my riding clothes.  He loves his bike and now loves daddy’s bike.  I would love for him to get into riding when he gets older!!  We’ll see what the Lord has in store for Joshua.

We also took a trip to Virginia and Maryland to visit with some folks that have been supporting us in our ministry to college students.  Sadly we didn’t get to catch up with everyone we wanted to but we did get to see a lot of folks.  It was a great time relationally for us.  We spent a weekend in Newport News and went to our former church, By Grace Community Church, which was awesome!!  We went to Maryland to catch up with two families we know up there and the spend the rest of our time in Fredericksburg hanging out with the people there and got to go to New Life In Christ Church.  The trip lasted for about a week and a half.

I’m now preparing to head back out of town for InterVarsity’s area staff team meeting, Aug. 3-6.  The Western Carolinas Area Staff will be gathering for four days in Boone to prepare, plan and pray for the new academic year. Be praying for our meeting that we would have some rich times studying scripture together and that we would be able to discern the Lord’s leading for upcoming conferences and training events.  As soon as I come back from the area staff team meeting, the Greenberg’s are going on a vacation.  We are heading to the Outer Banks for a week at the beach.  Tracy and I are really looking forward to this trip.  It’s a much needed vacation for our family.

That’s it for now….Here’s a few picture from our trip to Virginia



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