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Winter Break January 11, 2009

Posted by Jeremy in ASU, IV Staff Development, Lees-McRae.

The semester is about to begin…students are on there way back to the mountain and the weather is much cooler.  The past three week have I have been on winter break which means a change of pace for me.  I am often asked what I do when the students are gone, they are sometimes surprised when I list all the things I do over breaks.  So I figured I would put a post up talking about this past break. The students are gone so I am not meeting with them each day.  My schedule shifts to more administrative and planning for the upcoming semester.  This break was broken into two parts, vacation & work.


This break I took off a week to go to Florida to visit my grandmother and Tracy’s grandmother.  Both of them have never met Joshua.  The main reason for the trip was my grandmothers 80th Birthday.  We then figured that we would go see Tracy’s grandmother who only lives a few hours away as well.  We had  a great time.  It was really good to see our families.  We then took a quick trip to Newport News, Va to visit a friend of our who is having her first child, Sam & Kristen Kang.  It was a real low key trip that we didn’t plan until the day we left Boone.  It was nice to see then and to be able to be there in person to support and care for them.  Vacation was very relaxing for Tracy and I and much needed as it’s been a pretty long past 6 months.


I am going to be speaking at the first two large group meetings this semester and needed to prepare and work on what I wanted to speak on for them.  I also have a leadership retreat for the leadership team at App State the first weekend of the semester.  I’ll be giving two talks to the students at that retreat and needed to prepare those talks as well.  So, in total I needed to work on four talks over break.  I also needed to do some fundraising support as I am still not at full budget for this year yet.  That entailed making phone calls and making a few visits to people in the community.  This past semester I took all the students I was discipling through Philemon.  This semester we are going to be jumping around in the Old Testament and New Testament a bit looking at several topics so I was doing some brainstorming and planning for the coming semester.  I also took some time to reflect on the past semester, thinking about things I could have done better and dreaming about the years to come (this including spending time in prayer).  I was able to spend some time “filling up my cup” more than usual by reading, scripture study, listening to sermons, and spending time with my pastor.

That pretty much sums up winter break for me.  I’m really looking forward to the upcoming semester and what God has in store.  I’m excited to be part of his work on the campuses of App State and Lees-McRae.



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