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Been Awhile November 20, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in ASU, LMC.

Well, it’s been a while since I posted on here.  This last month has been pretty busy/full.  Sickness plagued our house for several weeks which was not fun or enjoyable.  

I had the oppurtunity of going to the InterVarsity Black Student Conference that happens once a year at NC State with one of my students from Lees-Mcrae.  She had a great time there and was very glad I invited her to go.  Below is a photo from the conference.  I also went to a conference on evangelism called iWitness that our area put on for Western Carolina schools.  I was able to take 10 App State students to Winston-Salem.  It was a really good starting point to begin talking about reaching out on the campus.  Mostly Freshman and Sophomores came.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you know that for spring break last you I took a group of students from ODU to Richmond for a service project, specifically in Church Hill.  Well, the staff at the Church Hill Academy (the school we went to) came to App State to visit the college campus.  Most of the students have never been out of Church Hill let alone seen a college or really thought much about higher education prior to becoming part of the Church Hill Academy.  They came for several days and toured the campus, saw the area, and spent time with the college students.  One of the days my students adopted them and took them to classes with them, studied together, and spent the night in there dorm room.  It was a really good experience for the ASU folks and the Church Hill kids.

It’s also snowed twice.  Not a lot of accumulation but still snow.  It was enough to close the public school.  It’s been neat being in a town that gets a lot of snow fall.  I’m sure it will be getting old as the winter goes on but for now I’m loving it.  

Thanksgiving break is almost here which means there are only a few weeks of classes before the semester is over.  In most of my discipleship appointment that I have with my students we are finishing the book of Philemon.  We have been studying this book for the past semester.  It’s been real sweet and the students have very much enjoyed going through it with me.  I will do better at posting more regularly now. 


Black Student Conference



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