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ESV Study Bible October 30, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Thoughts and Theology.

So, I have decided to read through the ESV Study Bible.  I’ve been convicted that I don’t know scripture as well as I should as a 26 year old and honestly don’t do enough (in my mind) in my pursuit of scripture.  I think I tend to do just enough to appease my conscience but rarely enough to satisfy my soul.  This has been something recently that I have been wrestling with, more so than usual.  So, as a few days ago I was reading Worship Matters and Bob mentioned he was going to start reading through the ESVSB and aim to finish by the end of 2009.  He also just throw out there a invitation for anyone else to join him.  This is what led to my decision to begin.  The Bible plus notes is roughly 2500 pages which equals 6 pages a day.  It’s ambitious and there will be much grace needed.  And by the end of 2009 if I’m not done I will just continue till I am.  I’m looking forward to the deeper knowledge of God I will gain through this process.  

I just got my new ESVSB last week and absolutely love it.  If you haven’t already purchased one I encourage you to add it to your library.  There is SO much information that is included in this bible not to mention the online resource they provide for you when you purchase a copy.  (aslo check out Bob Kauflin’s 10 reasons why I appreciate the ESV Study Bible Post)

I encourage you to join me in setting a goal to through the Bible.  If you do, let me know.  I’ll be posting my progress from time to time.



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