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Rejoice!! Give Glory to God September 23, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in ASU, Lazarus, Lees-McRae.

So it’s Tuesday night which means I am at Lees-McRae leading my bible study there.  I’ve been doing this now for three weeks.  The group is still fairly small but they keep coming back :).  This night we were looking at Luke 2.  One of the things that we talked about was the interaction between the shepherds and angels mainly how they told them that the Savior was born.  We then spent a good amount of time talking about the claims of christianity, namely that Jesus is our Savior and how that is offensive because it’s means it not about us.  The bible study went great, though there were only three students who came out (tomorrow they don’t have classes, which didn’t help the numbers any).  The excited part happened after the small group.

This guy, Mason, who has been coming for the past three weeks stayed after like usual and helped me clean up and we started talking.  We have been talking for a little while about where he is spiritually, he doesn’t think of himself as a christian but grew up in a christian home and started coming to the bible study to honestly meet girls.  He know about Jesus but doesn’t know him personally.  Well he does TONIGHT.  Mason and I talked for about an hour or so after small group and the Spirit ripped through him heart and in Mason’s words said “I want Him in my life”, he was broken.  We spent probably 10 minutes praying and talking to God and confessing our need for him in our lives.  

Then I told him we were going to go celebrate.  He looked at me a little weird and said “okay”.  I asked him what was still open in Banner Elk.  He laughed and said Food Lion.  So, we went to Food Lion, bought a box of donuts and a 6-pack of Cream Soda and sat in the parking lot and celebrating God’s work in his life.  It was so sweet.  

It was so awesome seeing God work in his heart tonight.  We’ve been talking about the same thing for the past three weeks and God chose tonight to break into his heart and breathe life into him.  Praise God for his mighty saving work in our lives.



1. Shane - September 24, 2008

Rock and roll!

2. Sam - October 8, 2008

God is SOOO GOOD!!

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