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Sin July 22, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in sin, Thoughts and Theology.

We are sinners not because we sin but we sin because we are sinners

  • the corrupt fruit flows out of the corrupt tree out of the corrupt nature.
  • When we sin we are doing what comes naturally to us, to fallen creatures.
I am not in opposition to Romans 5 and 6 by any means.  I think we need to recognize and begin to understand that sin that we partake in each day.   Without that understanding we tend to HIDE our sin from others and become hypocrites of sort.  How often do you talk about your sin with your brothers and sister?  How often do people come along side you in your struggle and bear your burdens….how often do you come along side your brother and bear their burdens? (Galatians 6:1-5)  How can we fulfill this call to us if we are not open about our sin and transgressions…if we are not transparent? Just because we have, by the grace of God, been regenerated doesn’t mean we are fully sanctified nor will we be on this side of Heaven.   So, we need stop pretending we are! 


1. Sam - July 24, 2008

so true…Why do we act like orphans when we are truly children of God?
We need Him more than our pride.

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