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Christ and the Sabbath (part 3) July 6, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Christ and Sabbath, Thoughts and Theology.

This is the third post in a series. If you want to catch up here is the first and second posts…if you haven’t read them, you should check it out before reading this one. These posts are in reference to the passage in Leviticus 23:3.  I am taking them from an article written by Ken Puls over at Founders Ministries.

Why is the Sabbath Commandment here in this passage?

This chapter is a proclamation of the Feasts of the Lord—the festivals and holy days of ancient Israel. Why do we find this commandment here? What is the significance of the Sabbath to this Old Testament Calendar of worship? I believe it is here, because the 4th commandment speaks of our moral obligation to honor God with our time.

God applied this commandment to Israel, under the Old Covenant by establishing holy days and festivals to help the nation remember Him and focus on Him as their Creator and Provider, and to give them glimpses of Christ and what He would do when He came to serve as our Great Prophet, Priest and King. The Sabbath Day and week, established at creation, serve as a framework in which God places His feasts that He will use in the Old Covenant to prepare for and point toward the coming of Christ. The Sabbath Day, like the feasts and the festivals, is all about Christ.



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