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Chicago Cubs May 31, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in Cubs.

Those of you that know me know I am a diehard Cubs fan.  I’ve been following the Cubs for a long time now.  I don’t normally post on my sports teams but I just couldn’t resist for this one.

The Cubs will start the month of June with the BEST record in ALL of baseball!!!  This is the piece of news that I wanted to impart to you.  The last time the Cubs started June with the best record in baseball was in 1908.  Those of you who know your sports trivia, know that the last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908.  Now I’m not saying they are going to win it this year.  But I will say it seems like things are lining up for them to have an amazing session.  This does speak volumes to how well they are playing as a team and the potential that exists with this team.  The season is a long way from being over but it’s a nice change for how sessions in the past have been.   I would love to be able to sit in my home in Boone North Carolina watching the Cubs playing in the World Series!!!

On a side note, the Cubs have won their last six games with some spectacular pitching and run support.  They are looking real hot right now!



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