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Preaching Christ May 30, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in C.H. Spurgeon, Michael Horton, Phil Eveson, Thoughts and Theology.

“When we preach Christ crucified, we have no reason to stammer, or stutter, or hesitate, or apologize; there is nothing in the gospel of which we have any cause to be ashamed.” (C.H. Spurgeon)

“Let this be to you the mark of true gospel preaching – where Christ is everything, and the creature is nothing; where it is salvation all of grace, through the work of the Holy Spirit applying to the soul the precious blood of Jesus.” (C.H. Spugeon)

“Reformation was obsessed with true worship, insisting that worshiping or serving God according to one’s own whim, imagination, or pleasure, was idolatry. We are sinners–even those of us who have been converted. We are still fallen and our hearts always revert to paganism unless we are constantly confronted with an external Word that tells us the truth about ourselves and God. We don’t really think that we’re totally depraved, so the Law comes to us and tells us how bad the bad news really is. But then we don’t really think that we can be declared righteous and fully acceptable before a holy God even though we still continue to sin, so the Gospel comes to tell us how good the good news really is. If we don’t hear these two words, the Law and the Gospel, as our regular diet, we are not hearing the Word of God, but are settling for the words of men.” (Michael Horton)

“Where are the preachers of the gospel in our land today? There are plenty of performers, but where are the proclaimers? There are books galore on preaching but where are the men called to preach, who will be persistent and faithful whether the time is favourable or not? Where are the Spirit-anointed spokesmen for God? Pray to the Lord of the harvest; ask him to send out more workers into his fields. Urge him to give the Holy Spirit in greater measure to his servants and to raise up a new generation of faithful workers who will pass on the glorious gospel with passion and power and a heart of love.” (Phil Eveson)



1. Daniel Lang - May 31, 2008

Jeremy you have written, ““Where are the preachers of the gospel in our land today? There are plenty of performers, but where are the proclaimers?” I have preached the one true gospel by the grace of God these past 20 years, with the few that continue with me by the grace of God. We are rejected, forbidden to preach, forgotten and forsaken of the world, but God has not forgot us. And the purpose of God will be fulfilled in our generation. The day of Christ is at hand. This is the generation of judgment.

And so there will be no doubt the one true gospel is the Christ, Yeshua died for our sins according to the scriptures, He was buried and He rose again the third day according to the scriptures.

You asked where are the preachers of the gospel in our land today? God has his messengers, for he is able to teach men. For who has believed our report? And whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? The word of the Lord does not want to be heard in our day. Let God be true and every man a liar. You asked the question. I answered it. But do you want to hear the answer?

2. Jeremy - May 31, 2008

Daniel, thank you for your post. I thank God that you are still preaching the true gospel. I am grateful the Lord has sustained you all these years. It is encouraging to me to hear of men in our world fighting for the gospel. As my family moves to North Carolina I hope to sit under a pastor who proclaims the gospel the way it sounds like you do.

You bet I want to hear the answer. We need to hear the answer all the time, lest we believe the lie that we are alone in this battle. But more than that I want to hear of the victories that you and other brothers and sister have against the enemy. The conversion stories, how God used you at the supermarket to show grace to another, the prodigal son coming home. Because it is in those stories that I see the power of Christ at work in this world (but not the only way).

Sola Deo Gloria!

3. Daniel Lang - June 3, 2008

Jeremy, ” we are more than conquerers through the Christ who loves us.” We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. The gospel is the power of God unto salvation to everyone who believeth. The power of Christ has affected our lives and those around us in sovereign ways. “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household”. “I have come not to bring peace to the earth but a sword: division.” Look at Christ Yeshua. “The godly in Christ will suffer persecution”. I will tell of the grace of God and loving men many years only to be betrayed. I will tell you of losing much for the sake of Christ.

Grace is ministered as the gospel is preached and the doors of our houses are open and all whosoever can enter in freely without cost. Because they do not enter in does not mean there is no grace.I would remind of Noah, who prophesies of the Christ, that only eight souls in that generation of judgment were spared. For the words of Yeshua are true, Many are called few are chosen. Would you ask Noah about his works of grace other than his obedience to the gospel in building a enclosure to shelter them from the waters. I would not ask him for it would be obvious there was great grace. For despite there being a great floating vessel only eight souls were saved and all others rejected Christ’s salvation. It is the same in the this crooked generation, for this is the generation of judgment. We were birthed in a generation where there was no truth and God had mercy upon us and revealed the Christ: He is Yeshua of Nazareth. What marvellous grace this is in a perverse generation. Not of the will of a man, or blood but of the will of God, that there could be men carry the truth by grace in this the generation of judgment. Thansk be unto God for His marvellous wisdom and understanding in the Christ.


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