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Greek Conference (the recap) March 21, 2008

Posted by Jeremy in IV Staff Development, ODU.

     I realized this morning that I never shared how Greek Conference turned out.  I posted about the conference on Feb. 13 as I was heading to Greensboro, North Carolina.
     The time I had there was awesome!!  When I was an undergrad and involved with Sigma Phi Epsilon I never went to Greek Conference so I was very eager to experience it and see what it was all about.  Obviously it was designed for Greek students.  It took place over a weekend and was a place to discuss real-life issues, to investigate what it means to be a Christian, to be challenged and encouraged by other Greek students, and to get practical tools for living in the Greek system and to just have fun with each other.  Students from all over the east coast came.  
     There several students who came that decided to give their lives to Christ.  It was powerful to hear them tell there story and to see the excitement they had for being with so many other people who were believers and Greek.  I had the oppurtunity to help lead a track that focused on social justice and what God has to say about it.   I can’t wait to bring some of my Greek students from ASU with me next year.  I think too often we write off the Greek community from our outreach and see then as too different or too “far gone”.  Which is absolutely not the gospel. Or we are content with the mindset of not knowing how to reach out to that community and never pursue building relationships and continuing to reach out even when it’s hard.

I’m going to add some photos to this post hopefully later today or tomorrow so check back soon to see them.



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