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My Thoughts October 14, 2007

Posted by Jeremy in IV Staff Development, Thoughts and Theology.

Some of you asked how I liked the book and why I didn’t really post anything about my thoughts. So I decided to put up some of my thoughts about Gordon Macdonald’s book Ordering Your Private World. (refer to previous post to get overview of book)

As you can see I give this book 2 stars. Even though I am giving it only 2 stars, I do want to add that there are several parts of this book that I enjoyed a lot and that I was able some good idea. There is a lot of truth in this book that can be pretty convicting. My main complaint about this is that it seems to emphasis the importance of budgeting time, prayer, journaling, reading (any books), meditation much more so then it does spending time in scripture and learning about who God is and our need for Him. I don’t think that any of the things he lists in his book are bad necessarily but when they are where you are placing your hope for order then there, in my mind, is a problem. Because the main catalyst for change that you are holding onto is in things that you are doing not in the God’s work in your heart. Another reason I have trouble reading/applying this book was that Gordon Macdonald ended up having an affair in the mid 80’s and in turn stepped down from his pastoral role at his church. I didn’t end up finding this out till several weeks after reading his book. (this just solidified some of my thoughts about this book). I have trouble listening to a man who for most of his ministry has been studying and encouraging people that his idea of ordering your private world in the ways he mentions in his book will keep your world from being in disorder. I could post more but I think this will suffice.



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