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Study Program October 7, 2007

Posted by Jeremy in IV Staff Development, Thoughts and Theology.

Part of my internship with InterVarsity is a study program that consists of me writing 5 papers. In preparation for these papers I will be reading usually three books and listening to speakers/sermons on the topics and checking out various articles.

My first paper is on discipleship. The first book that I read was called Ordering Your Private World by Gordon Macdonald. He writes the book from his own experiences throughout his life and lessons he has learned along the way. The book addresses the concept of living a driven vs. called life. He is very much a driven person (admitted as much in his book). MacDonald divides the book into five categories: motivation, use of time, wisdom and knowledge, spiritual strength, and restoration. What he mainly attacks is the western values that is seemingly embedded into many of us (our tendencies to get consumed in busyness and overworking while neglecting other more important things, wife, personal growth, kids, etc.). He focuses much of the book on the importance of developing spiritual disciples in our lives and how important this is. His premise is that if you don’t develop inner discipline, you will eventually need it and discover that you lack it. Leaving aside traumas and disasters, the regular grind of day-to-day life will eventually expose you as a hollow man. His suggestion is to put your heart, mind, and spirit into “order”. He suggests prayer, Bible study, journaling, and budgeting your time.



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