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New Student Retreat September 24, 2007

Posted by Jeremy in ODU.

I spent the weekend on a retreat with ODU’s InterVarsity chapter. We were at Camp Rudolph (I spent many retreats there with CNU so I was pretty familiar with the place) in Yale Virginia. The retreat was the New Student Retreat designed for….wait for it…..new students, haha. It was an awesome weekend. Their was close to 50 students in attendance and a good number of freshman. Their was also a great mix of older students, new Christians, non Christians, and people who have followed Jesus most of their life. The focus of the retreat was our identity, including our brokenness, grace, and God as the good shepherd. There was also a good amount of time for the student’s to spend in quiet by themselves reading through some passages that Shane and myself prepared for them. One of the other big goals of the weekend was to encourage relationships to be deepened and formed and to continue them when they return to campus. The weekend was a great success in our eyes. We could see God working in the hearts of many of the students. We were able to have some great conversations with many of them about what was talked about over the weekend. It will be interesting to see how things unfold these next several weeks. Continue to be praying for us as we proclaim God as supremely valuable above all else.



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