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Reformed Rap August 26, 2007

Posted by Jeremy in Music, Thoughts and Theology.

Not sure how many of you have heard of Curtis “Voice” Allen. If you haven’t I encourage you to check him out. I have been spending the past several days listening to him and needless to say I am impressed by his music. There are few artist that I can say that about when I first heard them.

So, I thought I would make available some resources that I have seen on the web and let you read through and listen to them. Thought this would be more effective then anything I could say.

1) His feature in WORLD magazine, February edition.
2) An article from Curtis Allen about his struggle with personal humility. You should definitely read it.
3) His podcast called napcast. It’s basically him following the road to the New Attitude conference with Josh Harris and Eric Simmons.
4) Justin Taylor’s interview with Curtis on his blog, Between Two Worlds.
5) He has two CD’s out, “Progression” and “Crucible”. As he describes inside the CD, this album is “a bit different” from his previous CD, “Progression.” “The music is not the same style, nor is the delivery. Progression was more live instrumentation and acoustic guitar, where The Crucible is more traditional Hip-Hop with an East Coast rap soun. This is more my roots musically and so I am excited about this album.”
6) The video of when he rapped at Bethlehem Baptist Church (John Piper’s church).
Here’s a YouTube video of Curtis Allen rapping “Unstoppable” at Bethlehem Baptist Church.

Let me know what you think about him



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