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Around the Corner July 26, 2007

Posted by Jeremy in baby.

Tracy is now 5 1/2 weeks from her due date. It’s crazy. We are so excited and can’t wait till he is born. We are so eager to usher in this new life into our world. I thought I would put a picture up of Tracy for our out-of-town friends.

He truly is a blessing from God. It will be nice to actually start reading books to our baby son in front of me instead of reading baby books to Tracy’s stomach. Life will be much different around the Greenberg household but we gladly move towards it. I believe that it is part of our calling as believers to have children and raise them to be disciples of Christ. It is not the main meaning of marriage but still a biblical and big piece of it.

The the deepest meaning of marriage—displaying the covenant love between Christ and the church—is underneath this other meaning of marriage—making children disciples of Jesus. It is all woven together. Good marriages make good places for children to grow up and see the glory of Christ’s covenant-keeping love. (there are many passages that speak to this in scripture, i wont put them up in this post)

May the Lord give Tracy and I a united focus on what really matters in marriage: Husbands and wives loving like Christ and the church, and the children seeing it, and by God’s grace, loving what they see.



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